Hi, I have been widowed now for 4 years. I am 65 years old, my husband passed at the age of 59 of Glioblastoma a deadly form of brain cancer. I was in Human Resources much of my Career working with individuals looking for jobs or counselling individuals who lost their jobs. I now work at a Hospice supporting end of life services with families who are about to lose loved ones.

There is no rule book or judgement that will come from my blogs, grief is as individual as you are, I hope to give you something everyday to ease your pain, it may be a quote, an article, a video, a shared experience or just a place to be heard. I am doing what is right for my sole, my purpose is to share, care and guide you through the toughest and most emotionally challenging time of your life. I don’t have all the answers and I am still grieving, but I can tell you there is hope at the end of this road, and if I can make your day a little brighter I have reached my goal.

I dedicate my blog to my dear husband Brian